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Failure to register your ATV or abide by the rules can be costly:

  • First offenses range from $50 to $200 plus the cost of prosecution.
  • Second offense carries a fine of $100 to $300 plus the cost of prosecution.
  • Failure to register your vehicle or failure to have liability insurance is an automatic $300 fine plus cost of prosecution.

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LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY RESPONSIBILITY ~~ All law enforcement officers in the state, including local and state police, are authorized to enforce the Snowmobile/ATV Law. In general:

  • State Forest and State Park lands - DCNR Rangers
  • State Game Lands - Wildlife Conservation Officers and Deputy WCOs
  • Municipal and state roadways - municipal and state police
  • Private property - municipal and state police
You must stop when signaled by a law enforcement officer. Failure to do so could result in fines and loss of your registration.

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ATV sound level requirements:
It is unlawful to operate an ATV in this Commonwealth that produces a sound level in excess of 99 dbA, or decibels, when measured at 20 inches in accordance with American National Standards Institute/Society of Automotive Engineers Recommended Practice J 1287 (March 1982).

Helmet requirements:
No person may operate a snowmobile or ATV without a securely fastened helmet on the head of each individual who operates or is a passenger on a snowmobile or ATV. The helmet shall meet the standards and specifications as established by the Department of Transportation for protective headgear for motorcycle riders at 67 Pa. Code Chapter 107 (relating to motorcycle helmets).



  • Summary of Pennsylvania's All-Terrain Vehicle Law (Brochure ~~ Adobe pdf)
    Act 68, the new PA ATV Registration Law, was passed in June 2001 and took effect on 10/23/01:

    • All ATV's must be registered with DCNR (limited registration available if operated solely on your own land)
    • All ATV's must display plates and expiration stickers.
    • All ATV's must be insured (except limited registration)
    • Registration money goes into a fund which funds the registration system, education & training, construction of new trails, trail maintenance and enforcement of ATV laws.
    • Liability for negligence in the use or operation of an ATV is attributable to the owner of the ATV.

    ATV's may be operated:

    1. On private property with the consent of the owner or lessor;
    2. *On state-owned property on clearly marked and previously designated ATV trails;
    3. *On highway and streets when necessary to cross a bridge or culvert;
    4. *On highways and streets during periods of emergency when so declared by a governmental agency having jurisdiction;
    5. *On highways and streets for special ATV events of limited duration which are conducted according to a prearranged schedule under permit from the governmental unit having jurisdiction;
    6. *On streets and highways which have been designated as "ATV Roads" by the governmental agency having jurisdiction.
    Only by persons 16 years or older

    Operation of ATV's by Youths:

    • No one under 10 years of age shall operate an ATV on state land.
    • Persons 10 through 15 years of age must complete a safety education course and posses a safety certificate before being permitted to operate an ATV on designated trails on state-owned lands.
    • No person age 10 to their 16th birthday shall operate an ATV except on lands of his/her parent or guardian, unless he or she has completed a prescribed safety training course and received an ATV safety training certificate.

    An ATV may cross a street or two-lane highway provided:
    1. The crossing is made at an angle of approximately 90 degrees to the direction of the highway and at a place where no obstruction prevents a quick and safe crossing;
    2. The ATV is brought to a complete stop before crossing;
    3. The driver yields the right-of-way to all oncoming traffic that constitutes an immediate hazard.

    Liability Insurance

    If you are using your ATV solely on land owned or leased by you, you are not required to get liability insurance. All other riders must carry liability insurance. Proof of that insurance must be carried with you when you ride. There are no minimum requirements or coverage standards established by DCNR or the Snowmobile/ATV Law for the liability insurance.

    All-Terrain Vehicles are defined as follows:

    Class 1 ATV ~~ A motorized off-highway vehicle, which travels on three or more inflatable tires and has a maximum width of 50 inches and a maximum dry weight of 800 pounds.


    Class 2 ATV ~~ A motorized off-highway vehicle, which travels on three or more inflatable tires and has a width which exceeds 50 inches or a dry weight which exceeds 800 pounds.

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    Snowmobile/ATV Advisory Committee ~~ The Snowmobile/ATV law established a new 17-member advisory committee that advises DCNR on matters concerning the implementation of the Snowmobile/ATV Law. A board of directors works with committee members to establish priority issues for the ATV and snowmobile communities. For more information on the committee, contact Lowell Morton, chair of the committee, for snowmobile-related questions, and Jack Clark, vice chair, for ATV-related questions.

    More Info at:

  • The Poquessing Pathfinder Online

  • Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry

  • Print a copy of Pennsylvania's ATV Registration Form

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