Greene County, Pennsylvania

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Both the owner of an ATV and the operator are responsible for any unlawful violations and both are liable for any injury or property damage caused by the vehicle.

There are currently 220,000 titled ATV's in Pennsylvania. Of these, 130,000 are currently registered.

Pennsylvania does not spend one cent of this liquid fuels tax revenue on ATV trails.

ATV's are the only motorized vehicles required to be titled, registered, insured, and displaying a license plate that are not allowed on the road.

43.7 cents of the purchase price on each gallon of gas purchased in Pennsylvania is tax. Of that, 18.2 cents goes to the Federal government.

The average Pennsylvania ATV owner purchases 50 gallons of fuel per year to be used in their machine(s). At 25.5 cents per gallon, that equates to $12.75 in Pa liquid fuels tax per year per ATV.

Numerous environmental groups have effectively curtailed expanding ATV trail riding opportunities in Pennsylvania. The battle rages on.

ATV-related injuries in the U.S. have doubled in a recent five-year period and deaths also continue to climb.

Hunters did purchase some game land through license fees, but not all by a long shot. Land conservancies, state and federal grant programs, and private donations have added to the game lands as well as purchases made with hunting license dollars.

There are about one million hunters in Pennsylvania.

The average Pennsylvania ATV owner purchases 50 gallons of fuel per year to be used in their machine(s). At 25.5 cents per gallon, that equates to $12.75 in Pennsylvania liquid fuels tax per year per ATV.

The Allegheny Nation Forest has over 100 miles of ATV riding trails.

ATV ~ In 2014, there were an estimated 93,700 ATV-related, emergency department treated injuries in the United States. An estimated 26 percent of these involved children younger that 16 years of age. Reports of 385 ATV-related fatalities occurring in 2014, down from 547 in 2013.

The PGC claims that Game Lands are "private property" and top PGC officials have stated many times over "ATV's will never be allowed on Game Lands."

Pennsylvania ranks second of all states in annual ATV sales (California ranks first).

The Pennsylvania Game Commission owns and manages 1.5 million acres of land in the state.  ATV's are not permitted on State Game Lands unless used by a disabled hunter.

The PGC does not pay property tax on this land. In 2002, they paid $1.20 per acre "in lieu of taxes."

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