Greene County, Pennsylvania

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MDRA Rules & Guidelines at MDRA Club Property

(rules applicable to riding on the MDRA Club property)

( Indicates most important rules)

  • A rider enters the section when his front axle has past the start gate. A rider exit’s the section when his front axle exit’s the end gate. A rider is scored from start to finish.
  • A rider must enter through the "2 start markers" and exit through the "2 end markers". Failure to do so results in a 5.
  • In the section, the red tape remains on the right and blue tape on the left.
  • A rider may only ride the line (1, 2, 3, 4) they have communicated. You must ride the same line in each section.
  • A rider can not cross over his own tracks in a section.
    Result = 5.
  • Purposefully placing any part of the body or bike (other than tires, footpegs, and skid plate) on the ground or on an object for a benefit is a fault. Pushing off of or leaning on a tree is beneficial, running into a tree is not beneficial and is not a point in itself.
  • You can begin at any section at the start of the event, but you must ride the remaining sections in order.
  • A Fault or a dab is when you place a foot or body part on the ground or other object to compensate for a misbalance. 1 fault = 1 point.
  • A tire may touch a marker with no points being assessed as long as the tire does not go completely over the marker. One tire may be floated over a marker as long as it does not touch on the out of bounds side.

SCORING ~~ (0, 1, 2, 3, 5):
  • 0 - no faults. Rider completes section without dabbing.

  • 1 - 1 fault. Usually in the form of a dab.

  • 2 - 2 faults. Either dabbing a foot 2 times or placing both feet on the ground simultaneously. (Can not place 2 feet on ground and stop unless stuck).

  • 3 - dragging a foot, sliding a foot or 3 faults. A rider faulting more than 3 times will recieve a 3.

  • 5 - Failure. Received when a rider goes over a boundary, breaks a marker, misses a marker or dismounts their bike. (Dismount: 2 feet on one side of bike or both feet on the ground behind the rear axle.)

  • If a marker is knocked over or broken by the rider, a 5 is given and checker must re-secure marker.
  • Object of the "game" is to complete a section with no faults.
  • Person with the least number of points per class wins.
  • A stalled bike receives a 5 unless both feet remain on the foot pegs while bike is stalled and rider successfully restarts the bike without dabbing. If a bike stalls and the rider can drift past the exit gate, no penalty is given.
  • If a rider moves backwards, a 5 is given (when stuck, leniency is at checkers disgression.
  • A rider may pivot his foot on the ground. The result is 1 point.
  • Loop- the trail that takes all riders to each section. Riding the opposite way on the loop or "backwards" is prohibited.
  • As long as a rider remains in bounds and within their designated line, they may go wherever they want.
  • A rider may not ride a section for score after the time limit has ended.
  • A rider may not enter the section until the checker has acknowledge them. This is usually done by asking which line the rider is using. When the previous rider has exited the section, the checker will then raise his fist and say “Rider.” Saying this also notifies any riders walking the section that he/she needs to move out of the way.
  • An accurate score is shown using fingers. At the beginning of a section a fist is raised to signify 0 points. For every Fault, a finger is raised.
  • A rider may not alter ANY material in a section. This includes leaves, sticks, or stones. The result of this is a 5. A rider may move material outside of the section.
  • Checkers may not move anything in the section except to replace markers or fix tape. IF something is moved in a section and would definantly cause harm to the next rider, then the checker may put the object back where it was prior to the damage.
  • If a checker marks the wrong number on the score card, he/she mark all other numbers EXCEPT the correct one.
  • A rider may not ride in a section prior to the event. A rider is permitted/encouraged to walk a section prior to riding it.

See page 6- A, B, C, and section 6 - A, B, C beginning on page 7 of the following website for more info.

This land is owned by Mason-Dixon Riders Association (MDRA) and is intended for use by MDRA Members Only

image of Club Property Sign of Rules
Rules and Regulations

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The following rules are necessary and must be followed by a parent to insure that highest level of safety while enjoying the ride.

  • RULE #1:   ALL family members under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when riding on or attending any function on this land.
  • RULE #2:   ALL members riding on this land MUST use all proper safety gear (helmet, eye protection, ankle supported boots, long sleeve shirt or jacket, long pants, and gloves)
  • RULE #3:   There MUST be no private use of this land during any scheduled club activity.
  • RULE #4:   No one member should ride unaccompanied on this land for safety.
  • RULE #5:   The use of alcohol is prohibited for anyone riding or driving on this land.
  • RULE #6:   ALL MEMBERS riding on this land MUST be aware of other riders and the direction they are traveling.

No child under the age of 10 is allowed to operate an ATV on public lands.

Club members ~~ please submit additional MDRA Property rules for posting on the MDRA website to the MDRA Webmaster

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Image of MDRA Club Property track
MDRA Club Trails

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